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Sunfield Inc. was established in 1994 by our parent company Ikeda in Hebron, Ohio. We are a part of the Ikeda family which includes businesses in Japan, USA, Thailand and China. Sunfield is a Tier 2 supplier that produces automotive parts related to Braking Systems, Chassis, Seat, Steering and Suspension. As a growing business we are always looking for new opportunities in the metal stamping and welding industry.

In the recent years we have expanded into multiple buildings and invested in many new machines. We are very diverse in the metal stamping aspect of our company. Through our Tandem, Transfer and Progressive stamping lines we are able to produce complex parts. During the development stages we are able to use simulation analysis to find the best forming operation for your parts. These different methods of stamping  also allow Sunfield to form the high strength material that many automobile companies are requiring.

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