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Quality Policy

Sunfield, Inc. pledges to provide products and services that will meet or exceed our customer expectations through teamwork and continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.  Sunfield is committed to the efficient delivery of safe and reliable products.


1.   Good Products

   a.   Reduce CARs to less than 2 per month for a total of less than 24 per year. 

2.   On Time Delivery

   a.   Reduce DTRs (Delivery Trouble Reports) to less than 8 per year.     

3.   Happy Customers

   a.   New model customer orders on time and approved first time by the customers.

4.   Teamwork

   a.   OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness Goals) – Press Side 65%, Weld Side 85%

   b.  Increase communication between departments and shifts throughout the organization.

5.   Paperwork

   a.   Provide and Document the Required Traceability, Verification, Validation, Monitoring, Inspection and Test Activities Specific to the Product and the Customer's Criteria for Product Acceptance.

                          i.     ISO9001 Registrar Audit Goal - Zero (0) Major Non-Compliances (NCR's)

                          ii.     QAV's - Customer's Quality Assurance Visits Goal - Zero (0) Significant Findings

                          iii.     QA - Internal Quality Audits Goal - Zero (0) Significant Findings